Monday, October 29, 2007

Golfgal scores eagle from bunker on par 5!

Well, this was an exciting weekend - an eagle from a bunker - on a 541 yard par 5, no less! Impressed? Well, you should be - it's quite a story...

Although the weather was less than ideal (48 degrees and rain rain rain), I just had to get out golfing on Sunday. Most of my friends (okay ALL of my friends) think I'm nuts, but I figure if I'm going to live in Vancouver, I better learn to enjoy it - rain or shine.

Well, rain it did - for 15 holes out of 18, but we had a ball anyway. It's funny how much less stressful it is playing in bad weather. Counter-intuitive for sure, but for us, it's less stressful because our expectations are much less. So we relax and just have fun.

I actually posted one of my best scores of the year on Sunday at The University Golf Course. And I even parred the 12th hole - the hole from hell if you ask most UBC golfers. Those of you who have played it know how tough it can be - slopes to the right so much that 4-putting isn't uncommon. To me, my par, felt like an eagle.

Speaking of eagles...I couldn't believe it when a gorgeous bald eagle flew right in front of me, being chasing by crows. I have never seen one so close up. The only way he seemed to escape the crows was to land in a bunker on the 17th (long par 5) hole. Here he is...just enjoying a little beach time.

He didn't seem to mind me at all - I was only about 10 yards away from him, but I was so nervous that he would fly away, that my hands were shaking when I took this shot. Sorry for the blurry quality.

Anyway, that was a really nice way to end the round - an eagle from a bunker! :)


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