Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ode to Mike Weir (take 2)

Okay, so I wasn't sure about Mike's abilities at the President's Cup and didn't think he should have been a captain's pick....but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of his. I cheer for him all the time. In fact he was in my Fantasy Foursome on the Golf Channel for the past 2 tournaments. I just wasn't sure his game was good enough this year. It appears I was wrong and I am soooo glad I was.'s my new "Ode to Mike" (the first one you may recall was here)

There once was a golfer named Mike,
A lefty you can't help but like,
A Master at play,
Hip Hip Hip Hurray!
At Fry's, Weir made us proud at the mic.

Okay..this one was a bit rushed, but you get the sentiment :)

Well done Mike from all your fans in Vancouver!


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Duke said...

I played the Raptor Course at Grayhawk last Thursday. They had the course set up for this weeks Fry's Electronic Open. It was one tough puppy. With the wind blowing like it did this weekend I could see how that course would play to a left it probably had something to do with Phil Mickelson being a member there and had some input on the design of the course... Mike did play the Raptor very well and he was due a win.